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@caretakermom- Anna I took Plavix for the 1st year is all. Now I take a 81 mg aspirin every day.
We have a Timeshare nearby and scheduled my appt. for one of those days we were there.
Normally it may take more than a day for all the tests to be fit in, but when Dr. Lynch found out I was on vacation, he personally made it happen all in the same day. I thought that was pretty amazing!!
The ph. # I have for Cardiology is 480-301-8200.
I believe I opened an account online prior to making any appts.
Because the way the Drs. work at all the Mayo sites in a very collaborative way you can be assured that they will guide you all along the way!
Sending both you Anna & your husband all my blessings. Jim @thankful

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Hi Jim, thank you for posting the phone number for the cardiology dept. Will definitely give them a call.
Question: After you were treated for CTO at the Mayo Clinic, were you able to follow up with your local cardiologist?