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@caretakermom- Anna, Hello. Since my HA was the result of finding out about my occlusion the stent was placed here at our local hospital in the Willamette Valley of OR. Because of the damage to my heart I had issues with my EF (Ejection Fraction) and had both an Echo as well as a nuclear stress test a year afterwards that really didn't show any changes (collateral blood vessels developing).
I decided to go to the AZ. Mayo for a battery of tests which was led by a great cardiologist named Dr. Lynch. He was amazing!!
The day ended with a Stress Echo which provided the best info he felt for him to determine my actual EF.
Prior to that last Echo back in Corvallis I had gone back to my normal workout regime of 3x a week in an effort to boost my EF, but had been told after my 2nd Echo that there was no real change. After going through the tests at AZ. Mayo in consultation with Dr. Lynch he told me that he felt my EF was more closer to 45-47% rather than the 30% I was being told here. I have felt great after receiving the stent and a new lease on life, but the psychological feeling of what I called "damaged goods" weighed on me and I was determined to do all I could do to reverse that. My visit to the AZ. Mayo put me on that path and I hope you reach out to them.
Mayo provides superior care in so many ways that I will continue to go there for 2nd opinions if needed. For now I remain in great health and am Thankful!
Jim @thankful

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I'm so glad you're doing great now and was happy with the care you received at Mayo in AZ. I have heard much great things about their kidney transplant program but not much about the cardiology dept.

Did you take Plavix after you got your stent? My husband is currently in the ER becuz shortly after taking Plavix on the 2nd day, he developed a fever and hives, mostly on arms and legs. Out of caution, I took him to the ER. Blood tests show his WBC is normal which means there is no infection. The nurses there believe is an allergic reaction to Plavix but still pending more findings. I'm told he must have Plavix for a year and now I'm fearful or very concerned they may not be able to find an alternative to Plavix.

Your initial visits to Mayo for consultation, did you have to fly/drive back and forth a lot? May I ask who recommended you to seek help at Mayo? Did your cardiologist? I mentioned to the cardiologist we may go to Mayo, since that is also the place where my husband would like to be transplanted, and that they probable prefer to do the "fix" there. Cardiologist says no matter where we go, the procedure is extremely complex and the success rate is dismal!!! We are hoping to get more uplifting feedbacks from Mayo.
Can you tell me who to call to schedule an appointment? I have the number for the Kidney Transplant scheduling staff but not sure who to reach out to schedule a consultation appointment with the cardiology group that treats CTO. Thank you!

Hi Jim @thankful
The latest echocardiogram has my husband's EF at 65%, and that is with the CTO. I will have to find out what EF was prior to the cardiac cath procedure. Yesterday would have been a week since he got his stent installed. Did your EF improve after stent? Anna

Jim, I had a stent placed in the Left Circumflex Artery and in the process my cardiologist found the Right Coronary Artery is 100% blocked near the entrance from the Aorta. The rest of the artery is being supplied by collaterals. Since then, I have been going to Mayo here in Scottsdale Arizona for follow ups. You mentioned Dr. Lynch but do you know the name of the cardiologist who performs CTO PCI procedures here at Mayo?