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Hi @caretakermom, I see you joined last year, but this is your first post! Welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect and thanks for joining in on the conversations. Mayo Clinic has one of the largest and most experienced cardiovascular practices in the United States and they do have very skilled physicians that work on patients with coronary total occlusion. Here are some of the physicians that specialize in the field. https://www.mayoclinic.org/tests-procedures/coronary-angioplasty/doctors-departments/pdc-20384762

I know that @thankful, @donnieg and @downhillbob have mentioned occlusion. I would like to invite them to the conversation.

@caretakermom, I notice your name and can't help but ask, are you caring for someone that has total occlusion or is this for yourself?

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@amandaburnett, my husband is the patient and he has coronary total occlusion(CTO) in one of the arteries, the one in the back of the heart not sure what is the technical name. It's the one that runs from the back to the front right. Husband just got a cardiac cath this past Thursday so I will discuss it further with cardiologist on next follow up. Cardiologist says the total occlusion has collateral blood vessels that are moving blood to the heart so the occlusion is not going to cause a heart attack.