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Chronic Chest Pain for months on end. help :(

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@emilymahomie Hi Emily, I read your post twice, and these are the things that came to my mind to help you. First, it seems that the pain you have is exactly where your heart is, so if your cardio doc will not help you now, find another cardio doc, and really have him rule out heart problems. Another idea is that for perhaps the next month, eat very bland. Nothing greasy, spicy, just plain, like a flu diet with bananas, baked potatoes, plain toast, etc. I would start sipping green tea and add grated ginger to it, turmeric, and pepper. Drink this tea every day, as everything in it heals the stomach. I would also suggest that you buy bone broth powder, and start adding it to anything with vitamin C, as it is best absorbed that way. Bone broth is a tremendous stomach healer. I would also eat fresh papaya every day, as it contains natural, healing stomach enzymes. Kefir is also another fabulous stomach healer, and a natural source of probiotics. Do everything you can to maintain stomach health, besides the Nexium, because that just tries to control symptoms. You are so young, Emily. It is heart breaking to read how sick you feel. My best to you, Lori Renee

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Hi Lori! Thanks for taking the time to read and reply to my post 🙂

I am currently in the process of looking for a new Cardiologist, since as you pointed out, I must rule out heart problems.

Regarding my diet, I'm almost done with the full month Nexium treatment, eat only steamed fish, chicken, soft vegetables and rice, and seem to be getting worse each day. I will definitely look into the foods that you mentioned since healing my stomach is my main -and only- approach at the moment. As I mentioned to @jesfactsmon, Nexium doesn't make much sense to me either but it seems to be better than nothing 🙁

Thanks again for replying, your words mean a lot to me. Have a great day!