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Anybody get painful muscle stiffness in feet & calves?

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Hank & Amanda, In 2014 was Dx: Bilateral Mortons Neuroma in both feet, did all conservative treatments (alchol injections, B12 injections, custom foot orthodics), In 2018 had surgery on left foot for Mortons Neuroma- (Surgical removal of the nerve), a year later, started having pins & needle pain in both fett, harder to walk, went to Neurologist to do conduction test, results: normal, Dx: small fiber peripheral neuropathy, started on Lyrica, 6 months later started to notice muscle weakness, numbness, tingling in both legs, sometimes feel heaviness in legs, weakness in both arms, when walking in motion don't feel grounded, feel like I'm in space, skin changes with itchiness, feel stiffness in feet & calves that is painful, went back to see neurologist said common symptom of PN, muscle cramping, muscle spasms, muscle contractions, sometimes Lyrica can help the stiffness, ordered Physical Therapy & scheduled another nerve study in November, also going to Emory Pain Clinic, Rx: Baclofen 5 mg ( muscle relaxer), took 1/2 pill and got very sleepy, most of my foot & calve pain comes from muscle tightness, do you know of any other remedies for muscle tightness?- Thank you 😊

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Just read this post but need to leave soon. First thought for muscle tightness is to look into myofascial release. It might be helpful for you. Here is a link to a discussion about it on Connect:
If you are getting physical therapy your therapist should be able to suggest some exercises that could help you as well. I am sorry to hear that you have developed what does sound very much like peripheral neuropathy (PN). Do you have any side effects with the Lyrica?

I will try to follow any ensuing posts from you and others about you. Best, Hank

@lweave2 I have foot neuropathy as well, and I have just about everything you describe. Horrible. Hank has already said much to you, so I will just add that there are some decent videos on you tube for foot exercises for people who have neuropathy that I use. Also, get a golf ball, and run it over the muscles that are very tight, several times a day, or use a side of a can to run your feet across. These simulate myofascial release of the foot. My best to you. This illness is treacherous. Lori Renee