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Weekly migraines related to concussion

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Hello @kpeachezz. I will also extend another warm welcome to Connect. This is an incredible community for which you can receive and provide support on your healthcare journey.
Because your discussion mentioned a concussion, you will see that I’ve also added this to the Brain and Nervous System Group so you may connect with other members with experiences with concussion/TBI that could be helpful as you investigate your migraines such as @kk2019 @maggie20 @amoessner and @dawnpereda .

Have you considered journaling your activities, food, and where you are going for a few weeks to try to put together what you might be exposed to consistently leading up to your migraines on Monday and Tuesdays? Perhaps even keeping a log of your stress levels for each day to see if they are brought on by added stress leading up to or the early part of the week?

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@amandajro @kpeachezz To add on to Amanda's suggestion about journaling, which I had forgotten to mention, something came to mind. On the weekend, do you have additional people around you? Examples would be spouse or partner who then returns to regular work schedule come Monday, so weekend assistance with your young child is gone? Or family who comes over on weekends and leaves you [more] exhausted at start of the week? Laundry soap interacting with you?

Just some thoughts…