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Lots of different sensations - Is this Neuropathy?

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Yes, my wife who has had neuropathy in her feet and ankles for 6 years gets random stabbing pains, very painful. If she were awake I'd ask her to refresh my memory about how she would describes them generally. I do know they are very painful, she sometimes describes them as going from one place to another (like feet up to chest for example) and they come without any warning. She is in agony for a minute and then it's gone. Sometimes she will get 2 or 3 in a row. So for her, yes, this is normal, i.e. part of neuropathy, in our opinion. Because I am not with her all the time and I can't ask her right now, I am not sure on average how often they occur. Probably once or twice a week, sometimes more, I suppose.

How long have you had peripheral neuropathy? Do you or your doctors have any idea what caused it? My wife's was from chemotherapy in 2014.

Best, Hank

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Thank you for the information. I thought it might be something else. I have had this for over 10 years and have had all the testing but the doctors don't know the cause. I think it's from my degenerative disk disease but am unsure. The numbness and tingling is not too bothersome but those stabbing pains are. It's so hard to get anything for the pain as it is not constant, the doctors won't give me anything. I tried the gabapentin but it didn't help at all. I take a supplement called alpha lipoic acid and I take folic acid. Those do help with the other symptoms but do nothing for the stabbing pain. My doctor just put me on Amitriptyline for that but wow does it knock me out. I take it at bed time and sleep all night! I was just wanting to know if those stabbing pains were really from the neuropathy and thanks for that!

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