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Six non Invasive IPMNs

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Mario, I’m not a doctor but I had I had an IPMN cyst removed from the tail of my pancreas in January. Before that I had an EUS/FNA. CEA measurements indicate If your cyst has mucin in it or not. It doesn’t tell you whether or not you have cancer. A high CEA from the cyst itself means the cyst has mucin in it. A low CEA means your dealing with another type of cyst. It really doesn’t matter the CEA number. I believe if it’s over 192 then it’s considered elevated. Mine was in the thousands but I didn’t have cancer. I had high grade dysplasia. I think you might be confusing to CEA levels in the actual cyst verses CA 19-9 which i believe is a blood test to search for pancreatic cancer

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Hi Carl

I have spoken to my doc again about this and he did confirm that my CEA levels were measured by the cyst fluid which as you stated indicates if there is mucin or not. He said that as I had so low CEA Cyst Fluid they are not 100% this is an IPMN but they will treat it as such.He did indicate that there is a blood test CEA as well (not CA-19-9) but that is not really used for Pancreatic diagnosis. My CA-19-9 was extremely low as well so I am counting myself lucky compare to others