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The diagnosis came in the late ‘90’ s when I was filing for the Dow Corning settlement. While it took over ten years to settle, I fit “their” criteria for atypical connective tissue disorder. Believe me, it was quite an extensive process. I had to meet so many medically substantiated diagnoses that I was kept quite busy. Many symptoms, but that was decades ago. Mainly the silicone spill affected my tendons, especially in my shoulders. I lost both rotator cuff muscles, leaving nothing left to hook them up to. The tendons just dissolved. That lead to reverse shoulder replacement surgeries decades later. (Thank you, Dr. Sperling) I also lost the tendons in my right arch. The surgeon removed toe tendons to make new ones for the foot. There were numerous other conditions which are too lengthy to explain. My diagnosis came from the main expert in silicone disease in the ‘90’s ( who performed the explanation in the ‘90’s) and knew exactly what blood tests and MRI’ S to have. I had all the supporting info for the Dow Corning Settlement . Believe me, that was tough; they created an entire booklet with requirements to meet and document. I was my own attorney as no one wanted the case back then. It’s been a long journey. The silicone cannot be completely eradicated. I just try to lead as healthy a life as I can and address issues as they pop up….such as a recent biopsy which revealed a pre- cancerous lesion.
I just read the article from the link you posted, and yes, I was also diagnosed with Sjogren syndrome, fibromyalgia, and many others which I can no longer even remember. I just burned all the records yesterday as I have put this dark period behind me. I am a survivor; that is all I need to know.

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That is quite the journey, @basslakebabe19. I'm sure you learned many skills and loads of information that you wish you never had to learn. Congrats on the burning and purging, and forward with surviving and thriving.