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Hi @fortunatum and Welcome.to connect. I just finished watching the video myself and I have not had robotic surgery. I have had surgeries both open heart (my transplant) and via arteries like ablations. I did have one procedure called an external ablation where they go thru the abdomen to do an ablation to the outside areas of the heart so that's the closest I've experienced. But my experience of many types of surgeries of the heart would say that not doing an open heart means a faster recovery. For most of my non-open-heart surgeries, I was back to work within a few days to maybe a month with my pacemaker surgery. The open heart was at least 6 weeks to be able to do anything involving lifting and about 6 months before I was back to normal activities. Now realize my open heart was a transplant which is way more invasive than bypass.
The Pacemaker placement I had years ago maybe similar since they had to put wires from the device down into my heart. They did all of that thru an incision where the pacemaker was in the uper left side chest area. That one was not to bAd a recovery. I couldn't lift my arms over my shoulders and no showers for 6 weeks, baths only. But I went back to work after a couple of weeks of light-duty.

So I would say it sounds like a better option and recovery is probably pretty quick. Hopefully someone else can shed some light on the bypass portion. Is your Surgeon giving you an option?
Based on what the video said im also thinking they may say we will start as a minimum evasive but if necessary may have to switch to open heart. I would inquire about that possibility. I'll be interested in hearing how you make out, the robotic surgery sounds interesting.
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Thanks for your input. Hope you many more years of good health.