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Hi @fortunatum, I'm glad that you have time to do your research about coronary bypass surgery. Here's a Mayo Clinic Radio segment about the benefits fo minimally invasive and robotic heart surgery.

The Benefits of Minimally Invasive and Robotic Heart Surgery https://connect.mayoclinic.org/page/podcasts/newsfeed-post/the-benefits-of-minimally-invasive-and-robotic-heart-surgery-1/

Fellow members @dbj21006 @davej @bkvfuller @debking1021 @thankful @danab and @scottij may have some thoughts and experiences to add.

Fortunatum, did your cardiologist say that you are a candidate for the less invasive surgery?

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I need to bypass the widow maker. I was diagnosed on 2/28/2019 but refused the open heart surgery. I’ve been using medication and supplements to lower inflammation in arteries and keeping cholesterol levels down plus controlling the amount of calcium in my diet. Blood pressure is great too. Hoping my heart will regenerate around the blocked area.
I listened to the blog and will be requesting an evaluation appointment.

Haven’t talked with my current cardiologist about it yet. But I’m planing to request an appointment with a Mayo Clinic doctor. I was told by my previous cardiologist “ you are a dead man walking” if you leave the hospital and refuse the open heart surgery. That was on 2/28/19 and I’m still alive today. Thanks for the video.