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Aortic dissection

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Hi @jonpens, welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect. You will see that I moved your discussion to a conversation that was already started on aortic dissection by @lorettat. This allows for you to connect with people that are going through similar medical experiences. I am sorry to hear about your husband's condition. @cobweb recently had a follow up appointment and me able to offer some suggestions on what to ask your husband's physician.
Are you possibly seeking a second opinion locally or are you considering Mayo Clinic?

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Considering seeking appointment with Mayo clinic

I have had 2 different appointments. One ith Cleveland Clinic, the other with top surgeon in Toledo. Bottom line when i was found to have an aneurysm i panicked.. Si i found interviews wiyh surgeons from Cleveland Clinic and Mayo Clinic on line. Then i followed instructions. Remain active, reduce stress, no lifting over 50 pounds. Questions like lets operate and get this over with were dealt with. So i bike everyday. garden. golf, etc. Was told at CC that i had 9 years. Ok, not sure why but i am up for that. My number is 4.7 and has stayed pretty constant. So my advice is turn off the TV politics etc. Does you no good. I watch cowboy movies and various movies, golf sports etc. Good luck

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