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How are you doing?
Did you get your insurance yet?
Still in pain from your blood clots?
It might help you feel better if you are able to get help with your addiction problem. That could be part of your health issues.
Let us know how you are doing.

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Replies to "Hi, How are you doing? Did you get your insurance yet? Still in pain from your..."

I am still fighting with SSI and yes I am still in pain but also noticing more symptoms like being out of breath after waking 25 to 30 feet, my legs seem to be extremely weak, up the underside of my left arm hurts and I have a rapid heart beat. I also have acid reflux bad and have had for about 2 weeks now. This morning noticed a pain in my upper rib cage in my back. And yes I'm sure that a lot of this is tied into my drug addiction. I try to remain sober but as all adicts do I am not perfect and do occasionally fall off the wagon. I wish it not true but unfortunately it is. And I can assure you that if getting high was all I am seeking there are far more easier ways to do so then to be ostrasized, attacked, and rediculed, and stereotyped by doctors, and the general public for something I didn't ask for it to become. It is far easier to score on the streets with less humiliation and embarrassment then to chase pill prescribing doctors around and a hell of a lot cheaper as well.