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Thank you. When I can get an actual doctor I plan to let them know everything. I just don't want to go through unessesary stress of being looked down on and not taken seriously. I hope I find a good doctor that will listen to me and look past the label put on addicts that we all are just seeking a high. I don't like taking pills never have. I don't like the way they make me feel. I tend to go the other way. I don't even drink or smoke pot. So I hope they listen when I tell them how bad I hurt and not just for myself but for other addicts and others that maybe dealing with this same issue. I know before this happened to me I was one who thought it's just a blood clot how bad could it really be hurting but now I know and I have to apologise for my ignorance. I'm sure each case is different, but blood clot pain is real and can be off the scale of they're 1 to 10 pain rate scale.

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How are you doing?
Did you get your insurance yet?
Still in pain from your blood clots?
It might help you feel better if you are able to get help with your addiction problem. That could be part of your health issues.
Let us know how you are doing.