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Laurie (@roch)

Questions to ask at your doctors appointment

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Hi Laurie @roch, Thanks for creating this discussion! You will notice I changed the title of the discussion to hopefully better describe what the discussion is about. There is another great site by Dr. Victori Montori – The Patient Revolution that has some nice conversation planning cards you can print out in English or Spanish to help with the task of planning what questions to ask the doctor and how to plan your conversation ahead of time.

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Hello @roch and @johnbishop

@roch, as John said, I do appreciate your bringing up this discussion in the Cancer group. It is vital that patients learn how to make the best use of the time they spend with their health care providers, whether in person or on a video chat.

We are all aware that health care has changed due to COVID and other factors, spending time with a doctor has become an important (and perhaps a precious) part of the patient's experience. I found both of the websites you posted to be very helpful in thinking about how to best talk with your doctor at an appointment.

On Mayo Connect, we also have a discussion group titled, Tips on How to Get Off to the Best Start With a New Specialist. Here is the link to that discussion.
I'm looking forward to seeing this conversation continue. I'm sure that many Members of the Connect community have developed approaches and/or plans as to how they approach a doctor's appointment.

Thank you so much for this link! I quickly signed up for The Patient Revolution and am excited to join their ranks. Looks like a good place to be. Regards, Gina

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