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I postponed surgery in favor of attending my daughter's wedding. The doctors were fine with that (3-month delay). November is soon enough. You'll have a bone scan to see if it has spread (not likely to have spread). You will have associated lymph nodes removed and tested for cancer (they filter contaminants), along with the entire prostate. Some nerve structures will be removed on the left side as a precaution. They can't take a chance and leave them intact, sorry. Left side nerves a responsible for getting an erection. I had and continue to have leakage (it is manageable and I wear female pads in my underwear at night). I walked 2 miles a day for one year for healing purposes (that's just me). Kegel exercises will strengthen your bladder control, but I've found that starting and stopping peeing over and over until the bladder was empty, worked better than Kegels. Start these right now, before surgery. Now about sex. After your catheter is removed, take your prescribed blue pills as directed. (honeybeehealth.com has them for .38¢ per pill). You will have blood in your pee for a while maybe some clots as well. The sooner you have any sex, the better, and as often as you can tolerate it (lol). Use it or lose it. You will have zero ejaculate fluid and your orgasms will feel quite different but still pleasurable. You may and probably will experience a decreased size in penis length through the healing process. I purchased the RestoreX®(Mayo approved design) penis traction device for around $500. It's worth it but your mileage may vary. Feel free to contact me at any time if you have more questions. Good luck to you!

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Thank you very much for replies that are helpful and comforting. I’ll be in touch.

I elected robotic surgery (also postponed a few months for daughters wedding) just over a year ago and could not have been more pleased with the outcome. I just had another PSA and it was still undetectable so I am very fortunate. I was out of the hospital in less than 24 hours after the procedure and have had very little long term affects. Pain was minimal and after a week with a catheter was back to near normal activity. No leakage and slight impact on ED which was already an issue but pills do help. The best advice I got was to be sure to have a surgeon who has had lots of experience and is why I chose Mayo and was not disappointed and not wait too long so that the cancer was contained.