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Good morning, I had 12 biopsy samples taken. 8 were positive. PSA of 16.Gleason 7 (4+3). My urologist deemed it Stage 1 and wanted to operate immediately. Like you, I was bombarded with information. I then went to Moffitt Cancer Center with all my results. My first appointment was with a urologist (surgeon). He reviewed all the test results and said it was inoperable because it had spread. It was actually Stage 3. He said the operation would have to be followed by radiation and that was not ideal – radiating an area that was healing from surgery. I went on androgen deprivation therapy with high dose brachytherapy and 25 external beam radiation treatments. My suggestion is to go to a nationally recognized comprehensive cancer center for a second opinion. In my experience they did what was right for me. A urologist is a surgeon. If all you have is a hammer – everything looks like a nail. I am happy with the results. Hormone therapy has side effects but I am working through those. Best of luck to you.

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Very wise choice. The urologist I went to had done at least three biopsies and found nothing. Finally, after a bout with urine retention he decided he was going to remove the prostate by surgery (for and enlarged prostate?). Remember he had three negative biopsies. When he did the biopsies the nurse asked if he was going to numb the area as other doctors did. His reply "No a lot of trouble." It all went back, as I found out later, when he and I had an argument over treatment of a family member, that I thought was water over the dam. Make long story short I too had second opinion with urologist at clinic about 120 miles from home. He did find cancer and sent me to the Cancer Institute a the clinic.
I am so glad I went for second opinion and would urge all to do the same.