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Assad, I would agree with your choice but please read on. Even though the biopsy may seem pretty conclusive you may suggest another biopsy. How many samples did the biopsy include and also how many had a Gleason score above 5? If you do have the robotic surgery insure your surgeon has performed large amount of this type of surgery, ie, at least greater than 300. I had this surgery better than 10 years ago and I'm sure there have be some refinements in the process. The surgery is relatively quick and recovery involves no major pain or long rehab. You should be feeling comfortable within a a week of surgery. Following up with your Doctor will give you guidance as to any additional treatment that may be necessary, ie radiation, chemo or other. My surgery, seemed to be marginally successful as I do have some residual microscopic cancer but it has been managed satisfactorily. Two or three of my biopsy samples were in the 8 range. I did have radiation and 10 chemo treatments shortly after surgery. I am currently on hormone treatment for last three years and my PSA has been staying under one and had never went above 6-7 since surgery. I was 68 when I had my surgery. Currently in good shape and really no limitations. Only very minor incontinence and ED has taken over especially since starting hormone treatments. Review the comments you receive from others and hopefully you will arrive at a very positive decision. My best to you for a full recovery. Alan

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Good Morning Alan,
I sincerely appreciate your reply to my concerns. Urologist is my friend and he took 20 samples and found cancer cells only on left lobe of prostate. I talked to my general doctor and he recommended surgery as well.