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Bladder Cancer and other complicating health issues

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@dablues, it seems like you and your husband are dealing with several different issues and health conditions. First there are his health conditions: bladder cancer and COPD. On top of that he seems to be fatigued both because of the medical issues, but perhaps also because he's fed up with it all. On top of that we have COVID all around us. It's hard work being sick. It's hard work being a caregiver. I can tell that you want to help him in everyway you can and you don't want him to give up.

I'm also tagging fellow members to join this discussion and offer their thoughts, like @predictable @jimmy2248 @judith4 @texascitylady and @nvmoen.

DaBlues, The best thing to do is take one step at a time. If I have understood correctly, he has agreed to continue 3 more BCG treatments starting in November. Monitoring his treatment and tests will determine the next steps. No need to make a decision about kidney biopsy or anything else at this time. Cross that bridge when you get to it.

You also said that your husband finds travel difficult, especially since he is on oxygen. Given that he is a high-risk patient for COVID, it is probably wiser to stay closer to home for care. Is the cancer specialist in GA working with your husband's care team at Mayo Clinic? Have you considered virtual or telephone consultation with Mayo?

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The doctor was the one who said exploratory surgery, not biopsy. I, am the one, that thinks it would be better if he had biopsy done instead of surgery if the doctor wants to go forward with that. I tend to jump the gun, but think less invasive testing is better than opening him up to do an exploratory on his kidneys. His condition with his lungs COPD is bad and getting worse so don't know how he would fare with that kind of treatment. The doctor at the Mayo Clinic that he has been seeing since 2010, recommended he have maintenance treatments in GA. That's how it has been done, but he would go to FL to get his cystoscopy. But this is the first time he said he can't do the traveling anymore, and he isn't seeing an oncologist in GA, he is seeing his urologist for the treatments.

Last January he got the flu, so they thought and spent 15 days in the hospital. They tried every kind of antibiotic on him and nothing was working. They called in a infectious diseases doctor. He finally came home. When the anti body testing came out I persuaded him to have it done. His test came back positive for the Corona Virus antibodies. My test came out negative. Doesn't make sense but that is what the results were. This is before the Corona Virus was told to us in February or March. They said he had the flu and I had the flu, that was at the hospital in GA. I didn't feel like I had the flu as I was going through bad reactions to the Shingrix Vaccine. So all this is confusing to me since he has antibodies, I don't, yet we live together. Doesn't make sense to me. Even his family doctor said it doesn't make sense.