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Choosing to go flat or to get reconstruction is such a personal decision – no right or wrong. I had a mastectomy last year, decided to go flat. NO regrets! My surgeon discouraged me 3 times, saying that women are psychologically much happier with reconstruction and are unhappy with going flat. That was his medical experience speaking but after reviewing all reconstruction options, I was quite sure going flat was best for me.

It wasn’t easy to ask, but I got another surgeon who listened, understood and believed me. I showed her pictures of good and of really bad surgical results for women going flat. I was clear in letting her know I wanted a smooth scar with no puckering, “dog ears”, etc. My goal was to be able, for a lifetime, to easily examine that side of my chest. Happily, my surgeon did exactly as I asked. My scar is smooth and I can easily do my self-exam.

It helped me to visualize what going flat may look like. Here are a couple of websites that show women who decided to go flat. These are good results. There are websites with pictures of poor results too. https://www.flatandfabulous.org and https://www.thebreastandthesea.com

Best of all luck to you!

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I am crying with happiness that I found your post. I can’t find any docs to help me with flat beautiful busy surgery.
I am done with frequent lumpectomies and stress and want to move on. All I get are nightmarish stories of side effects and concave scarring. Your links won’t work for me. Are there any other sites you recommend with images? Information?
Thank you.