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Testosterone check after Radiation and lupron

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I had a testosterone check on my own on Jan 18, 2021. It was 12. My medical oncologist insists there is no need to have my testosterone checked while continually stating that no testosterone therapy will ever happen. My PSA on 3/19/21 was <.1 and I'll be checking it again in 6 months. I apparently still do not understand why my testosterone level isn't needed to be checked and yet according to my oncologist I will never have any testosterone supplementation under any circumstances. Any ideas?

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Throw the BS penalty flag on your oncologist.

If you are on treatment, particularly ADT, you want to know PSA and T.

Generally, the lower your T, the better your response. Long ago and far away less than 50 was the standard, only because that’s as low as they could measure. Now, less than 20, while on ADT for 18 months mine was <7.

I don’t know about your clinical history or status so not in a position to comment but after surgery, BCR, SRT, six cycles of taxotere, 25 more radiation treatments to the pelvic lymph nodes and 18 months of Lupron we stopped treatment and I have been off treatment since August 2018. T recovered to 135 after two months, 482 by six months.

I have no doubt I will go back on treatment at some point in the future, just not now!

Also, it doesn’t cost your oncologist anything to order the T test so stand your ground.

When making decisions it is important to have clinical data, T is part of that.