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@kengroninga I am not sure if your question was directed at me because it came right after my post. I am not a Mayo employee. I am a Mayo patient who had difficulty getting surgical help locally, and then came to Mayo. I was impressed with the quality of my care and recovery, and because of that experience, I joined Connect to help other patients. I am a fine artist who was loosing the ability to continue painting, and having spine surgery gave that back to me and completely changed my life. I recently came back to Mayo for ankle surgery. I know that not everyone can come to Mayo, and there are other facilities that can also offer excellent help. By coming to Mayo, I learned what is possible and I want to help patients advocate for the best care they can get wherever that may be. I do also have a biology background and understand medical literature and sometimes doctors ask me if I work in healthcare, so possibly that may give that impression.

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What I wanted was to be put in touch with somebody in the Pain Clinic.

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