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I guess I am a bit confused. Exactly what did the MRI show? Ruptured aka herniated disc(s)? Or bulging discs (pressing on spinal nerves in one spot but not truly ruptured)? Any mention of spinal stenosis? That is where the bony canal the spinal cord passes through is narrowed, putting pressure on the cord. I have had a disc(s) removal and fusion on my neck in 2010 for ruptured discs and now have severe spinal stenosis and collapsed discs above/below my neck fusion site. My neck makes lots of grating and cracking noises. I get neck and upper back/ shoulder discomfort. Sounds like you need to see a neurologist or neurosurgeon to give you specifics.

Good luck and keep trying to lose weight. It will help overall and IF you were to need surgery, makes things much safer overall! (I was a recovery room RN.)

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Thanks for your note. I had to login to my patient portal and try to get a copy….. of the notes. This is what I found, not sure if this will help?

Notes: C3-C4 poserior central disc herniation, straightening of cervical lordosis. MRI 11/10/2017. Start PT, ortho eval, he will let me know who he wants to see.

As far as the weight loss, taking that up seriously to help with as much as possible. Before COVID, I started very nicely but then fell when they locked everything down. I will start back up… to become active. I have not done PT.