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I just wanted to thank you both for all the information that you have given me. I was concentrating more on sugar than I was carbohydrates so I appreciate that information.
My biggest problem is that he doesn’t really
understand how serious Diabetes can be.
So Howard, your suppose to stir microwaved food? Go figure. Learn something new all the time. You sound like a gourmet cook compared to me.
Dorisena, you were sure right about sneaking food. I had a dozen or so 1 ounce packets of raisins in a bowl on the counter and also I have 1 ounce packets of nuts some larger bags of pecans. I found 11 empty packets of the raisins on the table and he had a lot of pecans which I confiscated all but an ounce or two. Thank you for the diabetes cookbook recommendation. I ordered two of the Mayo Clinic cookbooks. I hope his caretakers use them faithfully. We live 300 miles apart so this ordeal is going to be a challenge.
Thanks again kids, your help was invaluable.

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I think you can give as much help as you want, but if someone’s not willing to receive it, it’s a losing cause and discouragement to you.

In my opinion, he needs motivation. For myself, my motivation is my family and grandkids. My grandson has some special problems, and I want to be around as long as God will let me to help him through it. Find the motivation “sweet spot” in his life, and why he would want to live.

Some people are afraid of the complications unchecked diabetes can bring, as it can affect almost everything in the body: eyes, heart, kidneys, liver, leading to blindness, amputations, and on and on. Others are motivated by a particular reason for life, but if you find it for him, you can give him and those who care about him a gift of life.