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You are doing well, Howard. Recently my grand- daughter ordered fresh meals shipped to her house because she lives alone and wants food that can be ready in no time, as she is teaching at a vocational school. I will ask her if she has tried more than one company and if they are worth the cost. It certainly would be a time and work saver. I like to put meat and veggies in my crock pot and have more than one meal cooked at a time. I am not liking potatoes at breakfast because it would require a nap right afterwards if I ate that much. Yes, I have read that full fat, which isn't much, diary foods and milk work better because the fat helps move along the metabolism process. I know that years ago when I dieted and avoided fat, I would get very cold. Lack of fat shuts down your body because it thinks bad times are coming so the body gets ready and doesn't work so hard. I learned this in my college classes in my forties, and it is now a big thing to add coconut oil or olive oil and even butter for better metabolism. Still, I avoid packaged food because a lot of it is too salty.

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I have 2 types in the freezer, one has 29% recommended daily sodium, the other has 43%. There are very few potatoes, and only 20 carbs; it would be higher if there were a significant amount.

Salt has been one of those “politicized” heath concerns, as the media thinks everyone’s the same. Years ago I cut back, just stopped adding salt to foods, and wound up passing out and was sent to the hospital. The doctors told me I was one of those people who needed salt, and that was all it was. They said there are more folks in that condition than we are led to believe.

However, I also only usually eat 2 meals a day, with snacks in between. Things seem to work out better for me that way.