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I am glad you are ready. Cut the sugar and high carbs from your diet. There are lists of big offenders on the web. To be safe means to have a balanced diet which means that almost every meal should have protein, veggies, maybe bread, fruit, and maybe dairy. Some fat slows down the spike when you eat sweet or high carb foods. Sugar alone spikes faster than complex carbs, Cut down the amount of sugar gradually and you won't miss it. If you get hungry, have a handful of nuts instead of something sweet. Food is your cure, not pills. Some meds can lower your blood sugar too much if you are between meals. It is important to eat regularly, by the clock if possible. My body can go four hours between meals and then I am nauseated. A heavy meal with sugar makes me want to keep eating all evening. I gave that up. Milk satisfies my tummy because it digests slowly. Get lists from the web and pick out what foods you think you might like to eat. It is an adventure, like going to a new country and trying their food. Maybe you like it and maybe you don't Choose what you enjoy.
Let us know what new foods your have tried. We want to hear about good eating. Dorisena.

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Hello there,
I have read quite a few of your posts and you seem very knowledgeable on the subject.
I have a developmentally delayed cousin who was just diagnosed with diabetes. I have been told by his young caregivers he was pre-diabetic but the doctor said that’s not true. His HbA1C was 6.0 initially and now is 6.1. Isn’t six considered to be over 120? Isn’t anything 100 or over bad? The doctor says its well controlled but I’m wondering if it really is. He doesn’t take any medication for it and I’d certainly like to keep it that way.
The doctor has never mentioned anything about checking his blood sugar. Do you think he should should? I checked into one of those devices that you just put on your arm with no needle gadget and are they ever expensive, $130 a month and an $80 one time upfront fee.
I absolutely hate cooking and am a lousey one at that. With him here I have no choice but therein lies the problem, choices. I give him fish and his favorite is salmon but although the fats are supposedly healthy I know they will turn into glucose but even at a slower rate what is the max fat content for a meal? He weighed 224 pounds but has lost 11 pounds since being with me. I saw “no sugar ice cream” and sugar free candy. Could he have either of those?
Is there a diabetes cookbook you’d recommend? Is there a diet that you’re aware of for people with diabetes. My main concern is what feed him. I also have another question this one has to do with being called diabetic. I have epilepsy myself and I don’t mind if they say a person with epilepsy or an epileptic neither one bother me but it’s a major deal for some people to be called epileptic so I was wondering if the same thing applied in the diabetes world?
I appreciate any help you’re able to give me.
Thank you very much in advance,