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Chemotherapy doubts: Male breast cancer

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Hi Robert, I was diagnosed in April with stage 3 ovarian cancer. The survival rate on average for this disease is pretty low. I have found a tremendous amount of support from national advocacy groups. Really good explanations on research studies and treatment options. Same information I receive from my doctor, but within a support network that helps offer explanation and context. Just doing a quick search for you, I found a couple sites I wonder if you have accessed yet? I think you have to trust your instincts. Looks like you are seeking guidance/input/direction, which is all so good. From what you have received so far, what are you leaning towards? Looks like you are willing already to receive a wide variety of treatment options. Trust what you think is best for you. Take Care!

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thanks so much Diana. I didn't see the mentioned sites attached to your post, but I'm very interested so let me know where to find them. I sincerely hope you beat the odds and survive this thing. Prayers coming your way. -Robert

Hi @dianainstaug, welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect. I noticed that you wished to post a URL to web resources with your message to @agingrobert. You will be able to add URLs to your posts in a few days. There is a brief period where new members can't post links. We do this to deter spammers and keep the community safe. Clearly the links you wanted to post are not spam, so allow me to post them here.

– Treatment for Breast Cancer in Men https://ww5.komen.org/BreastCancer/MaleBreastCancer.html
– HIS Breast Cancer https://www.hisbreastcancer.org/