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Chemotherapy doubts: Male breast cancer

Breast Cancer | Last Active: Nov 1, 2020 | Replies (17)

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We’re you tested for the BRCA genes? I am currently on my 3rd cycle of 4 on AC and then will do 12 weeks of taxol. All I can say is that for me, that any increased risk of MBC is too much for me. I’m 38 and have 3 kids 6 and under. Also I’m not sure if all male breast cancer is triple negative (I’m just guessing because of the lack or female hormones) but the limited options for treatment upon reoccurrence definitely scares me to no end.
Not sure if I’m helping at all but good luck in whatever you decide.

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Many thanks for your response. I'm on week 7 of Taxol and then begin the 8 weeks of AC, so it's the same treatment as yours but in reversed order. I'm 66 and do not have any BRCA genes associated with MBC. Nor do I have a family history of MBC. It came out of nowhere. My estrogen and progesterone receptors are positive, which I'm told is a good thing because after chemo I begin a 5 year prescription of hormone therapy which is designed to "starve" this particular cancer and hopefully keep it at bay. That being said I only have a 70 percent chance of surviving 5 years, so it's scary. We both have much to live for. I'm still very concerned about the long-term health risks associated with AC, so trying to learn more about it before I begin. Taxol has not been bad, so far. I learned much from a new friend, a cancer researcher in San Diego. Too much to type but if you ever want a conversation I'm open to share what I learned from him. Best of luck on your journey. I hope we are both on the right path. All the best, -Robert