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Ann, I really like your comments "enjoying each and every minute we have ...." I was told about the book "Creating Moments of Joy" and got and read the book. It motivated me to plan to do that every day with my wife who has Alzheimer's disease. I found that many of the things that I did to create moments of joy for her also created moments of joy for me. For example, she and I are at the age where "Easy Listening Music" and Mantovani radio were favorites of ours on Alexa music. But one day I found her tapping her fingers to some ragtime music and we often enjoyed listening to Scott Joplin music too. Both the caregiver and the care receiver can have many moments of joy in the future.

I suggested that to a friend whose husband was becoming somewhat depressed because of his deteriorating health. He was a retired ag teacher. She took him on a tour of the farms around their town and he really enjoyed it and so did she.

Your point is very important. The Alzheimer's journey is sometimes difficult but it often can still be very enjoyable for the couple much of the time.

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Music is so important. When my friend was placed in care, I called her. She was diagnosed with memory impairment and then Alzheimer’s. I knew from my Study of Aging(Gerontology) that music was the last that we (usually) remember .
They called my friend to the phone. I told her who I was. Yes! She said she knew. I asked her if she wanted to sing. “YES.”
She loved music.
I chose “Rock of Ages” because I thought she would know that song. She sang along! And then she said the most beautiful word : “ Surprised.”
I said: Surprised at what, Beth?
“Surprised that I remembered.”said Beth.

I remember our singing visits and wish we had more.
Music is therapy for the soul!
Keep up the 🎼🎹🥁🎻🎷🎺 !

I am going to but that book!
Thank you for telling us about it.

You might enjoy Alexa.
“Alexa is an amazing round 5 inch round box!” My son and daughter in law bought Alexa for me.
What an interesting invention! ( a round “instrument”(4-5 inches in diameter)
that plays songs from pop, country , classical.
You say:

“ Alexa, play songs by Nat King Cole.”
and ‘she’ does!
Play songs from the fifties.

“Alexa “ plays a variety of music: classical, country, jazz.

Don’t ask me how it works!

Thanks, I'll look for the book, it sounds interesting. We are still in the early stages. His mother had Alzheimer’s, so I have awareness of what our life might be like in the future. That's one of the reasons I put so much importance on enjoying today-it's really all we have anyway-when you stop to think about it. You never really no what tomorrow may bring regardless. I'm glad to hear you and your wife are enjoying music-We are both 79, so the easy listening is pleasing, but the ragtime sounds delightful! Enjoy! Sending you and your wife the best.