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Elderly Father and Diagnosis

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Hello Hank @jesfactsmon and John @johnbishop,

Thank you both for your replies. I have not asked him about his sleeping, I should ask about that.

He had not yet fallen but his gait is very stiff and a fall could be likely if he's not careful. He eats mainly one large meal a day, which is lunch, then a light sandwich or similar at night. He loves his sweets though especially Costco Sugar Bowl Bakery Madeline cookies. And as you mention to cut the sugar that is something that would be a hard habit to break.

He seems to have yet gotten to the stage of seeing a neurologist. As he's with an HMO, there is alot of back and forth during testing. I'm thinking we as a family should push the primary Dr for that referral and even better try to get one for a geriatric neurologist as you've suggested.

Thank you for all your suggestions, I'm relieved to have found you guys and appreciate the help thus far.

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@kmikim918 Your plan sounds good, getting him in to see a neurologist is a good next step. Your mention of his love for sweets has me wondering whether he might be pre diabetic. I am not knowledgeable about this, just seems like a logical question, as diabetes is the most prevalent known cause for PN. Anyway, you can use that info if it helps unless you and his doctors have ruled that out already.

Please feel free to stay as active as you like on Connect, feel completely free to post questions on any discussion you find is pertinent to your dad's situation. Everyone here is both seeking answers and doing their best to help with answers where knowledgeable. Wishing you very good luck as you find ways to help your dad. Best to you, Hank

@kmikim918 Are you able to go with your father to his appointments? I'm fortunate to have a daughter that has helped me a few times by going with me so I don't forget to ask the doctor a certain question or so that she can write down any instructions or information the doctor gives me. It was a big help to me when I had my knee replaced a year ago in April and also this past month when I had cataract surgery. There is a great post by Laurie @roch for questions to ask a new specialist which may be helpful for you — https://connect.mayoclinic.org/discussion/your-tips-on-how-to-get-off-to-the-best-start-with-a-new-specialist/?pg=1#comment-240765