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@hassana I changed the title of this discussion to "Anxiety with chest pain and gastrointestinal issues," in order to make it easier for other members to know what it is about and to support you. It sounds like the last few months have been extremely difficult, uncomfortable, and uncertain. How are your parent(s) or guardians guiding you through this experience?

I think it would be worthwhile to discuss utilizing mental health counseling alongside the physicians. It's always important to rule out any kind of physical illness and it sounds like you and your providers are doing this. I cannot give you medical advice but I think it is important to consider that your symptoms could be extreme anxiety. Panic attacks can cause people to feel as if they are having a heart attack and anxiety can cause real pain and symptoms that mimic physical ailments.

This does not mean that it isn't real. What you are experiencing is very real regardless of the source.

If it is indeed anxiety then that would explain the "healthy" test results. If it is anxiety there are treatments to help you.

You are not alone in this and despite how uncertain and confusing your symptoms are, you are taking the necessary steps by seeing physicians and reaching out for support.

As mentioned above, anxiety can mimic physical ailments. It is also true that physical ailments can cause uncertainty and anxiety. A therapist would be able to assess your mental health and coordinate accordingly with your medical providers. Would counseling be something you and your family would consider as an option?

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Thanks for replying so yes to answer your question. I got an appointment for next wednesday for counseling so i hope it goes well