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@serita – I’m so sorry about your head pain!!i have had many problems with my teeth over the years and many extractions. With extractions I have left the space as is. I have one bridge, which is OK. At my last extraction I was advised to get an implant because the gap was too big. I declined and so far so good. I have a tendency to get autoimmune reactions.
I spoke to a friend recently who had an implant. The surgeon told her there was a risk that a nerve would be touched that can cause severe pain, even after implant is removed. Apparently, her surgeon was very skilled and so far all is well.
I hope you will get help soon with the pain.

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Thank you for your input. Unfortunately, I have now been advised that I need two root canal procedures on the other side of my mouth, and I am trying to decide if I should go ahead with root canal surgery or just have those teeth ectracted. It appears thar I could have problems either way! I have been advised to see a neurologist, but one doctor also advised me to get the two teeth taken care of before seeing a Neurologist as the infected root canal teeth could be the cause of the shooting pains in my head! I am so confused right now, and very concerned about the cost of all this treatment without a resolution.

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