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@serita @chiczebra Do you think it is possible that there is an immune reaction to the material in the implant? Some patients react to titanium or surgical implants, and there are different degrees of purity of titanium, so it might be worth investigating. This happened to someone I know, and she was on dose packs of Prednisone for months until they took out the titanium dental implant and replaced it with a bio-compatible ceramic implant. I am going through this process too now and will soon receive ceramic bio-compatible implants that have no metals in them. Here is a lab where you can have blood tested for immune reactions. https://www.orthopedicanalysis.com/ You may also find information on immune responses to implants at the Environmental Health Center of Dallas. They do have some treatment options for implants, but I don't have knowledge of them. https://www.ehcd.com/implant-services/

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Thank you for that information. I would be interested to know how long after the implant was installed did the person you know have a reaction? I had no pain at the tooth implant site and the tenderness to the scalp, the lump on my head, and the shooting pains did not develop until weeks after the implant procedure was complete! And the shooting pains in my head have continued and it has been many weeks since the implant was removed.

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