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Your experience after a tooth extraction sounds so much worse than mine, and I do hope you can find some relief soon. I too visited a chiropractor who gives Cranial Sacral Therapy, as that was a therapy recommended to me by a family member in the hope that I could get some relief. I underwent three treatments, but found no relief, and, even felt worse. Until I read your responce to my question, I never thought anything about this occurance, as I have arthritis and swollen joints in several fingers, but after the tooth implant, I got an entirely different kind of swelling at the knuckle of my ring finger of my right hand. Unlike all the other arthritic fingers, which are swollen but solid to the touch, the ring finger swelling is a lot softer to the touch and looks like a huge blister! I mentioned this to the doctors who examined me for the shhoting pains in my head, and they just said it is arthritis and offered no advice or treatment for what I thought was a strange and uncomfortable occurrence! It may be just a coincidence, but it did happen after the tooth implant. Thank you for your response to my question. Very interesting! 🤔 I do hope you can get relief from your painful condition.

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@serita @chiczebra Do you think it is possible that there is an immune reaction to the material in the implant? Some patients react to titanium or surgical implants, and there are different degrees of purity of titanium, so it might be worth investigating. This happened to someone I know, and she was on dose packs of Prednisone for months until they took out the titanium dental implant and replaced it with a bio-compatible ceramic implant. I am going through this process too now and will soon receive ceramic bio-compatible implants that have no metals in them. Here is a lab where you can have blood tested for immune reactions. https://www.orthopedicanalysis.com/ You may also find information on immune responses to implants at the Environmental Health Center of Dallas. They do have some treatment options for implants, but I don't have knowledge of them. https://www.ehcd.com/implant-services/

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