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Results of CT Scan

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@alamogal635 – Please don't be afraid, this can be something exactly what your doctor said it was. There is a downside to all of our wonderful technologies and that is you get the bad with the good. When I say bad I mean CT scans pick up all sorts of things. After my first operation, it picked up a shadow and I thought that I had another tumor. I was panicked. Since then my CT scans have picked up bits of clustered pneumonia cells, different things that I have asperated like phlegm. "Pulmonary aspiration is a condition that occurs when a person inhales a foreign substance into their windpipe and lungs. It often happens when something a person is eating or drinking goes down the wrong way. Or, it can occur when someone breathes in: water, such as when swimming or playing in a pool or river" (Medical News, 2019).

Your body will absorb it. I was very surprised when I learned this. A little while ago, I had, in my lower left lung, 2 lesions that were a concern. One is still being watched and the other was deemed something that I had either aspirated or a bit of an infection. Oh, also lung infections can also show up on CT scans.

Does this make sense?

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Have you had a Pet/Ct ?after 5 Keytruda Infusions and this last one Pet/Ct showed No brain cancer no lymph node cancer and the three spots on my lung are gone except one tiny nodule, I will have another Pet/ct the end of July and if that tiny nodule is gone I want to stop Keytruda the Oncologist isn't happy with that idea, but treating something that isn't there doesn't make sense to me . Has anyone stopped Ketruda before the two years??

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