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Jim, My heart issue came on me rather quickly resulting in emergency valve surgery that gave me temporary relief and followed by a heart transplant nine months later. I am now nearly nine months out from the new heart. Prior to all of this I had no markers for heart disease, weighed a taught 160 lbs. and exercised daily. I never took Lisinopril so cannot speak to the effects. I will say that I had blood pressure in the 90s/60/s and some of the meds prior and post valve surgery did lower the BP too much which made me dizzy. That said I want you to be aware of several things. First, please question your doctors, Mayo or otherwise, on what they mean by "remodel" your heart. In the end any treatment for heart disease is just a rear guard battle against a relentless enemy who will take its sweet time in bringing you down. Drugs and diet and other methods will never cure your heart issues. Second, do not obsess of your EF number. It is just a number. I have known people who bemoan their EF in the 20s and act as if the world is ending. I have known others whose EF was less that 10 and walked 14,000 steps the day before their heart transplant. Be strong!
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@scottij– Thanks for your response! The only other scrip I'm on for my heart is a Beta Blocker. I know the body is a amazing thing and often in the first year after a HA I've been told and have read that additional blood vessels will often grow into areas of the heart to supply blood to damaged tissue. I suspect if this is true that could be considered "remodeling of the heart"? Not sure about that?
Still trying to gather opinions from this wonderful Mayo Connect Group!
Jim @thankful

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