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Bronchiectasis and Gerd

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You misunderstood me...this has nothing to do with NJH...they are excellent and I do not believe I would be alive today if I had not chosen to go there. My new pulmonologist and his associates in my town are extremely excited to work with NJH and have nothing but praise for them. They were very surprised He wasn't working with them, so, this was probably about his ego. He did a terrific job diagnosing my problem but I completely rejected his solution of using the 3 antibiotics because my family has a history of liver disease and my body doesn't always handle antibiotics very well....I could not imagine being on three for an entire year. So I did some research & I found out NJH was supportive in some cases of alternative solutions esp. with patients with GERD because some believe we tend to reinfect ourselves. NJH was willing to work with my local doctor so I sought their advice.
If you notice my comment on sputum cultures? He actually told me cultures were "not the method the school he went to recommended" which I had already researched and I knew was incorrect.... he just wasn't keeping up with current procedures.
At my next visit he mentioned something about "they were starting to use them now...."
It's very important to listen to our doctors but we also have to know what our bodies are capable of.

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And....the clincher....when I arrived in Denver for my 1st appt. I met a lady my age who had been treated by her local doc for the first year at home with the antiobiotics & it was working but her liver was failing so I truly believe it was Gods way of letting me know I was doing what was right for my situation.....