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@TonyHart87 and @lisa0713 it sounds like your infants were well taken care of in the NICU by the nursing staff. How did you handle the transition from the NICU to home? What was the scariest part of this transition home, especially as new parents?

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Thanks for asking. I would say coming home with Finleigh was definitely much scarier than Kayson. I think I was most anxious at night. Just not knowing what to expect and for three months, I never took care of the night shift. Getting up once or twice to pump and go back to sleep is a lot different than caring for a crying baby, feeding, pumping and being sleep deprived!
I left feeling confident I could care for her, just anxious in the evenings. It eventually passed, but took time. Lucky for me, we have family close by, so they were just a phone call away!

I also was lucky my employer agreed to giving me an extended leave. I did work part time after delivery for three months while she was in the nicu, then a full 12 weeks at home. I know not everyone’s as lucky. Financially, it is tough though. My leaves were unpaid.

You are right, my care in the nicu was nothing short of fantastic!