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@joybringer1 Your posting bothered me. You’ve not gotten an answer to your problems?? Are the symptoms really bothersome? What is happening?

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Thank you for your concern. My symptoms changed through the years. I went to Mayo because I thought all my burning sensations and "zingers" as I called the electric shocks going through my left arm, were related. I could not stand to be touched and often had extreme itching in my legs. I did not walk very well. Mayo was no help. So, I jumped off the medical merry-go-round and some of these symptoms changed. My burning mouth syndrome/disease was terrible. I mentioned to my dental hygienist not to grab my tongue and told her of those problems. She asked my dentist about it as they both remembered a patient with similar problems. They came up with the name of the head of oral pathology at our local university's dental school. I placed a call to him, but did not hear. Finally, I remembered we have an acquaintance who teaches in the school. I asked him about the doctor and he said "Call again and use my name." That worked! I immediately had an appointment. He told me he only had one med to recommend and that is Clonazepam. He wrote a prescription for three per day and said I might not be able to take that many. I am small and only took two at first. In the beginning, the RX made me sleepy, but I became accustomed to it and it really changed my life. I was able to eat again. This doctor was so kind and even came out to meet my husband and I never received a bill! Of course, I wrote a thank-you note. Now my biggest problem is lichen sclerosis/vulvodynia. I seem to have that all the time. I also have piraformis syndrome and have been through PT for that. I apply an ointment everyday. I have the usual geezer stuff: arthritis, bursitis, etc. Cortisone injections in my hips helped. My PCP gives me Hydrocodone which I don't take very often. He also prescribed amitriptyline (10mg) at bedtime for my burning scalp. Aren't you sorry you asked? Seriously, I do appreciate your concern. My husband reminds me that doctors do not know everything and some problems just can't be solved. Based on some of the other problems I read from others, I think I am doing as well as can be expected. Thanks again for your concern. Peace!