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Good Morning,
Just wanted share some GREAT news I received.
Yesterday I had my post-op xray and follow-up. The xrays show that I am doing great! I still have a little way to go to get my lungs back to where they belong but the doctor said I am well ahead of the game. He attributes the progress to my exercising daily (30 minutes on the treadmill/2x a day). I have been cleared to swim, so I'll do 30 minutes in the pool and 30 minutes on the treadmill.
The BEST is that the surgery went very well. The doctor was able to get clear margins from where he removed the mass and the 6 lymph nodes he removed were clear. The cancer was Stage 1. The mass was only 1.1cm and VERY slow growing. The name of the cancer is ADENO CARCINOMA. The doctor feels he got all the cancer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No follow up therapies are needed. I'll need to get a CT and check up every 6 months for the next 5 years. I could actually feel a weight being lifted off my shoulders and chest when he gave us the news.
I am BLESSED to have such a wonderful support system and to have the news I got!!!!!!!!!!

Have a wonderful day and I pray we are all blessed!

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@grandmar– Ronnie, I couldn't be happier for you! You are a survivor. Adenocarcinoma can be a slow-growing cancer and is a common type of cancer especially among women. After your wound heals more try adding some light weights and keep up the great work! Doesn't that relief feel just phenomenal?

I just now read your post from last month and I'm so happy for you, @grandmar! Great work on your part as well as that of your doctor.