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First I had the CT which was my usual test. From previous reports, the doctor saw that the nodule had gotten bigger. I had melanoma 3 years ago and my mother and maternal uncle both had lung cancer. My pulmonologist wanted a PET immediately. The insurance company wanted more 'proof' that cancer was a concern. The report did mention that further testing was necessary. We fought the decision in all directions, the doctor, the surgeon and me.

My pulmonologist suggested a surgeon with great credentials. HE wanted to remove the lower lobe with the nodule. However, after doing some research, the hospital he is affiliated, although a FANTASTIC hospital, it is not known for cancer treatment. My son, who lives in Maryland and works for Kaiser Permanente, went to some of his colleagues for suggestions. The radiologist and another doctor, suggested a cancer center near me and a doctor. I did the research and the hospital ranks 11th in the country and people from all over the world come to use the surgeon. I was fortunate to get an appointment within a few days.

I was also given 2 choices. Radiation for 5 days, however, the long term results are not statistically as good as surgery. Surgery was the 2nd choice. Because I am in good health, the doctor thought it might be a good choice. The only problem is I have issues walking and he was concerned I would not be able to do what was necessary. He made me take walk with him around the hospital to be sure I could do what was required. I could! I don't need to be a speed walker, I just need to walk!

The first night I was up and out of bed walking the halls. I needed to use a walker, but that is fine. At home, I walked around the house for 2 days. 10 minutes, rested 1 hour, then 10 minutes again. By the 3rd day home, I was on the treadmill. I started 15 minutes twice a day. Now I am up to 30-35 minutes twice a day. I do not go fast at all, but I do it and will need to do it the rest of my life.

So you didn't have lung cancer????? WOW! So what is it that made them think you did have cancer? I guess you took the biopsy. I'm glad for you!!

Have a great night!

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gramaR You have given me inspiration for getting a treadmill and even if I'm slow, at least I"m doing it. I've said I'd walk outside and it has been one excuse after another. I am going to get a decent one. Bet it will increase lung capacity as well. I need the exercise. Thank you!

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