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Yes, I had 2 spinal surgeries within t6 months of each other. I was also taking injections, but they stopped working. I could no longer take the pain 24/7. I couldn't sleep and I was miserable. I did LOTS of research to find a good surgeon. I knew I needed surgery on my lumbar and cervical spine. I decided on a neurosurgeon since my cervical spine was involved. I found a FANTASTIC doctor. He did the cervical spine first. He replaced 2 disks. This was an easy surgery to heal from. I was off pain meds within 2 days!

The lumbar surgery was HORRIBLE!! The pain was terrible!!!! It took me about 3 months to feel myself. I do have to say that for the first time in over a decade I was pain free. However, I probably waited too long for the surgery because I have permanent nerve damage in my legs. I have balance issues, neuropathy and I need to walk with a cane. But not once did I regret having the surgery!

I am fine with pain pills, I just don't like them and I take them only when necessary. I'm no hero!!! Also, I worry about addiction so I always have it in the back of my mind!.

Will touch base again soon!
Have a wonderful evening!!!!

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@grandmar Thank you for the information. Have a good neurosurgeon who will step in when needed. My problem is lumbar. At least I know what to expect. If pain relief is what the result is,k then I'll do it when it is time. Thank you again. Am learning so much.

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