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@grandmar It's great to meet you too. Wow, you had back surgery 2xs. From what I've heard jit can be excruciating. Will try to avoid that and keep on with spinal injections from time to time. I'm not as brave as you. Anyway, you certainly have a wonderful and upbeat attitude! Do take the prescribed pain pills when you need them. I wasn't criticizing at all. They were so stingy with me because they were opioids that I just got a few and was really cautious as to how and when I took them. So glad to hear from you and get to know you. Thank you for keeping us informed. You have a fantastic day, too.

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Yes, I had 2 spinal surgeries within t6 months of each other. I was also taking injections, but they stopped working. I could no longer take the pain 24/7. I couldn't sleep and I was miserable. I did LOTS of research to find a good surgeon. I knew I needed surgery on my lumbar and cervical spine. I decided on a neurosurgeon since my cervical spine was involved. I found a FANTASTIC doctor. He did the cervical spine first. He replaced 2 disks. This was an easy surgery to heal from. I was off pain meds within 2 days!

The lumbar surgery was HORRIBLE!! The pain was terrible!!!! It took me about 3 months to feel myself. I do have to say that for the first time in over a decade I was pain free. However, I probably waited too long for the surgery because I have permanent nerve damage in my legs. I have balance issues, neuropathy and I need to walk with a cane. But not once did I regret having the surgery!

I am fine with pain pills, I just don't like them and I take them only when necessary. I'm no hero!!! Also, I worry about addiction so I always have it in the back of my mind!.

Will touch base again soon!
Have a wonderful evening!!!!

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