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@grandmar– Hi!I'm doing great, I really am. As @alamogal635 says I'm also glad that you had this taken care of while it was still small. Boy, you jumped up pretty soon after surgery!

The last time that you were on here your sister is Europe was ill. I hope that she is better. Is she?

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Hi! I'm glad you are doing well!
I think you may have me mixed up with someone else.
Yes, I was on before, but I do not have a sister. I have a brother, here in the US and he is well.

I don't play around when something is wrong. As scared as I was, I'm more scared of what will happen if I let things go.
I am VERY fortunate that I am retired and have great insurance.
I am able to go as soon as I can be taken and I don't need approval from the insurance company for doctor visits.
I actually had the nodule for over 7 years. When it was found I had it checked every 6-12 months.
And yes, I was up and out of bed right away! When they work on the lungs like they did me, the lungs are deflated and it is important to move or you could get pneumonia. THAT could be a big problem.
I'm always a good patient and do what I am told to do!!!!!

Have a great evening!

OOPPSS @grandma, my apologies.

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