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Yes, it has been a minute since I last posted. Frankly, things were going well and when COVID struck, I was busy homeschooling my 3rd grade granddaughter. Lucky I was a former teacher!

The first doctor I had a consult with talked about removing the bottom lobe of my left lung. That is not why I decided not to go with him. The doctor I chose felt that just removing the nodule and some lymph nodes would be just as good. Guess time will tell. I actually went with this doctor because he is part of a cancer center and the center as well as the doctor was recommended by another doctor in Maryland.

Anyway, I've been up and around since the day of my surgery. Right now I can't go swimming, so I go on the tread mill for approximately 1/2 hour, twice a day. Since I have walking issues, it is not fast but at least I keep pace and work my lungs. Other than the pain, I feel fine. No problems breathing!!!!

As far as the type of cancer, once I see the doctor, I am sure he will give me a more definitive answer to that question.

How are you doing?????


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@grandmar– Hi!I'm doing great, I really am. As @alamogal635 says I'm also glad that you had this taken care of while it was still small. Boy, you jumped up pretty soon after surgery!

The last time that you were on here your sister is Europe was ill. I hope that she is better. Is she?

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