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@grandmar, so good to hear from you again. Lung cancer! My goodness. Good for you for advocating to get the PET scan and to get treatment. It sounds like you may have caught the cancer at a relatively early stage. Do you know what type of lung cancer you have/had and what stage? Maybe this will all be revealed at your upcoming appointment.

I agree with @merpreb. You will likely need more time before the pain on the left side subsides. Who is at home assisting your with recovery?

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Hi Colleen!
Yes, lung cancer! It was a real surprise to me! I knew about the nodules. You just never know!

This entire thing with the PET scan was such a bother. The insurance company wanted a biopsy first. The guy at the lab said that the PET scan is more expensive so they prefer the biopsy first. So, they'd rather have me cut than take a non-evasive test. It's behind me now and frankly, I can't worry about it any more.

As I mentioned above, when I go back Wednesday, I am sure I will have more definitive answers, including the type of cancer. All I know is that it was very early, Stage 1 but I don't know what letter (which depends if there were any lymph nodes impacted) and it is very slow growing.

Yes, I probably need more time to recoup before the pain goes away. Guess I am impatient! My hubby is home with me and is taking fantastic care of me (as he ALWAYS does)! What made a difficult situation even harder is the fact that he was not allowed in the hospital for the consults, test results, day of surgery or Wednesday when we get the results and develop a plan of action. I certainly understand, but I believe that when there are certain circumstances, at least one person should be allowed to accompany the patient! Oh well!

Hope you and your family are well during these unusual times!


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