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Good morning, I 'think' I have PMR!

Let me explain...

In March 20 I had a serious of strange bites come up on my right leg, just below the knee. After 3 weeks of intense itching I went to the Docs to have it checked out. She prescribed me some anti-fungicidal cream (she stated it may have been infected hair follicles), which I used for a day or two and the symptoms\bites went away. However, then came the pain in both hips (possibly joints), both buttocks, which spread to both shoulders and upper arms and associated joints. Also, I lost weight, became fatigued and just didn't feel too good at all. The final nail for me was when both arms at the elbow, one morning, became extremely hot to touch and a red rash appeared. I know I would have to go back to the docs. Also by this time I struggled walking, getting out of cars, limped, hips\buttocks hurt like hell, getting out of bed, putting clothes on (stiff painful joints) and so forth. I was a limping frankenstein! Symptons were worse in mornings but to be fair I still feel the stiffness during the day

So, in I went, series of blood tests(diabetes, liver, kidneys, prostrate markers and so forth) were taken and that included a test for Lymes because I thought it may have been that, due to lifestyle. All came back neg but for very low Folic acid count and 'possibly showing that you had a bacterial blood infection'! There has been NO raised inflammatory markers though! I was given 14 days to treat for possible Lymes before results came back and put on folic supplements.

To cut long story short, I'm om pred because my Doc didn't diagnose PMR, I raised the possibility. It appears here in the UK they aren't bothered getting to the bottom of my condition. I said to him why not try pred and we will see if it helps, it did @10mg. By this time it was June. My Doc isn't supporting me and he has left me to decide on the dosage but I'm concerned as to why I dont have any blood inflammatory markers for this but Pred is working. Only other thing is I appear to be getting more cherry angioma since this flared up.

I'm a 54 year old male whom had in the past, had an active lifestyle.

Thanks for listening

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Hello @frankenstein, Welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect. You will notice we moved your post to an existing discussion "PMR initial diagnosis: Can there be an underlying disease?" so that you can meet other members with similar symptoms/questions. If you click the VIEW & REPLY button at the bottom of the email notification, it will take you to the discussion.

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There is some information I found that may help you learn more about the difficulties in diagnosing PMR and why it's best to see a specialist like a rheumatologist. --- Polymyalgia rheumatica: pitfalls in diagnosis: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC1281460/

You mentioned having more cherry angiomas since the flare up. Here's a 2018 article that has some information - Should I worry about a cherry angioma?: https://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/312594

I have no medical background or training but I have had 2 occurrences of PMR that were treated with prednisone starting with a 20 mg dosage. The goal is to control the pain/inflammation with the prednisone and to taper off as soon as possible. The first occurrence of PMR took me 3-1/2 years to taper off, the second time 6 years after it went into remission it took me a year and half to taper off.

Are you able to get a second opinion with a rheumatologist in the UK?