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Bone pain from Neulasta (pegfilgrastim)

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I am very curious about your NETs. Did they present in your breast then? My second breast tumor was neuroendocrine and there is very little in the literature of a breast presentation. On my last PET scan 2 months ago, there was a very small lung nodule, too small to biopsy, so am awaiting another PET scan in a month. Hoping against hope that cancer hasn't spread there.

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I was reading your posts and saw the nodules on the lung. Can you keep us posted on the outcome on that?? I had breast cancer in 2007, at the Mayo dr Tran was my surgeon. I had a skin sparing double mastectomy and had multiple complications from the expanders to the silicon implants, which are very painful because they cut the pectoral mussel, small slice down the middle to put the silicone in and the left side went into spasm mode. Now I have pain from that and the capsules the body makes. Anyhow I went to the mayo clinic in 2019 in September for 12 year check up and I complained about my love side of my chest I had a lot of pain and they just sent me home the doctor said you’re always complaining about pain and did nothing. By November I was so sick I had double pneumonia in my lungs and they found large cancer mass in my left long so we just remove the lobe a couple months now and I just had a CT scan And Dr. man’s Field called me back and said there’s problems with the nodules in my lungs looking like there’s cancer again, so I would love to see what you’re going to do with the nodules. Thanks for listening to me Trixie I’m really blue right now very sad that I have to keep fighting this stuff but I’m gonna do it I want to see my first grandchild born if I could ever get My son married.🤣😂😂 he is only 25. I go back September 17 and I’ll find out what they’re going to do about that, have a good night