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Hello @rwinney, thank you for starting this conversation. I think you are right, our bodies can be so complicated and challenging sometimes- then bring everything else in and we have a story with lots of plots, twists and turns. In your post, you mentioned you have external burning, stinging, and discomfort, the feeling of being torn, and also pelvic pain. I'm wondering if you have given any more consideration about talking to your provider? I know there is a lot to consider.

We also have a Neuropathy group (https://connect.mayoclinic.org/group/neuropathy/), although the conversation there is a little different. Still, there might some value to reading the discussions.

I agree with you, there is so much to talk about and the topic may not be easy for some people to discuss. I am happy you brought it up and hope that we hear from a few more about their experiences. You also mentioned lifestyle changes and pelvic exercise, and I'm wondering if you've tried those yet and if so, have they been working out?

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Hello @kellyhahn1. Nice to hear from you. Thank you for your response. I have been a member of Connect since May of 2019 and have been a very active member in the Neuropathy group. Thank you for suggesting it though! I understand the lifestyle changes necessary to help neuropathy and that carries over to feminine health, which is also affected by neuropathy. Reducing or ommitting inflammatory and processed foods. Mental health and excercise. I have recently been researching pelvic floor excercises and may start to incorporate them with my other mild stretching excercises. As for my provider….well, I've had a history of products given to help with discomforts as my PH balance is typically off and I'm prone to yeast infections. I've been on and off probiotics over the years. My feminine health has taken a back seat to the rest of my body for several years. Since Small Fiber Polyneuropathy was formally diagnosed, I kind of shut down. I've recently decided to give it my attention again. I hope my post helps others know they are not alone.