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Hi Marley,
Yikes! Twice in 6 weeks. Same happened to me. They sent me home from rehab after couple days in ICU and a few in regular hospital care. Then on to rehab for 4 days and then home. I was home for a couple of days with oxygen and then second exacerbation. Back to ICU for couple of days (along with last rights) and then from one level of care to another in hospital. Back to rehab. I spent a total of 3 1/2 months between rehab and hospital. I was in rehab had issues and ended up back in hospital. This happened several times. It seems I had flu and pneumonia.

How long was each hospital visit for you?

Are you on oxygen at home? – They sent me home with it and doubting if I would ever not need it 24/7. After a few weeks I tried it with no o2 and found my levels to be constantly at 93 to 98. However, I am, by no means, a doctor or even a member of the medical community, other than a patient. So I would certainly consult with Doctor before discontinuing Oxygen.

Have you been prescribed Prednisone? I learned the hard way that it should be taken with food. The folks at the hospital and rehab did not give me Prednisone with food. The result was a GI bleed. Black stool and all. This was at rehab, so back to the hospital we went. After four units of blood they took me to surgery and welded everything shut. Couple days in hospital, back to rehab.

I find myself babbling now. So I will shut up.
However, I do wish you the best. As you see, things do get better.

Mr. Bill

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@mrbill– I'm sad that you have had such a rough time. COPD flare-ups (exacerbations) are usually caused by a trigger such as air pollution or allergens, or a chest infection from a virus (cold or flu) or bacteria. And one flare-up often leads to another as both you and @marley1 have discovered. They are dangerous because they inflame the lungs and calming them down can take a long time.

Prednisone without food is a no-no. You bring up a wonderful point. We really need to be vigilant in protecting ourselves even in the hospital. I had the same reaction as you, being given medication without food and wound up vomiting all night after I was released. We need to ask questions about the medicines that are given to us no matter where you are.

One time I was with my sister at the hospital and the person who came in to administer her an inhaler didn't know what she was doing. I had to correct her. We can't be afraid to do this.

How are you doing now? Do you have to be on O2 all the time now?

Wow, you really have had a lot in a short time. They sent me home with O2 only at night. They claim that it was caused by a panic attack. Have never had one before so I thought it was my heart. Going to Rehab next week for the first time. Hope you get stronger every day.